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Our family from Price's Dairy have been delivering bottled milk and various dairy products including Free Range Eggs, Fresh Cream, Fruit Juices, Yogurts and  to homes and businesses for over 50 years.

Please see our Price List for our current range of products available.


With recycling becoming ever more important to us all, why not call Price's Dairy and get your milk delivered in bottles and do your bit to help reduce the use of plastics in packaging.

Companies are being expected to try to ensure their plastic packaging and bottles are recyclable or suitable for composting by 2025!

                                      (See below Daily Mail Front Page)


Price's Dairy, a family owned business, have been recycling and reusing for over 60yrs!


Unlike the major supermarkets, we DO NOT charge for delivery and we have not increased our prices during this uncertain time. Our products reflect good quality and value.

We deliver to both Homes & Businesses

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