About Us

Our family from Price's Dairy have been delivering milk for over 60 years when Nell started out delivering early mornings with her horse and cart from Poole Bank Dairy in Wrexham (opposite the entrance to Island Green car park).

Long after the dairy closed, (then reopened later as Granny Midges) her grandson, Craig still continues to deliver milk and other products alongside his family.

We supply other groceries too. Try our tasty Free Range Eggs, Fresh Cream, Fruit Juices, Yogurts, Bread, Cheese, Butter, Potatoes etc.

We are always looking to local suppliers to add to our products.

Please see our Price List for our current range of products available.


With recycling becoming ever more important to us all, we are all trying to reduce our plastic waste.

Why not call Price's Dairy and get your milk delivered in glass bottles. Simply rinse them out and leave out ready for us to collect. Do your bit to help reduce the use of plastics in packaging!

Many of our lovely customers have a delivery of both plastic and glass so are still making a difference in cutting down on single use plastics.

Companies are being expected to try to ensure their plastic packaging and bottles are recyclable or suitable for composting by 2025!

                                      (See below Daily Mail Front Page)


Price's Dairy, a family owned business, have been recycling and reusing for over 60yrs!


Unlike the major supermarkets, we DO NOT charge for delivery and we have not increased our prices during this uncertain time. Our products reflect good quality and value.

We deliver to both Homes & Businesses

local delivery
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